🤗 Small Group Tuition

Small group tuition at any level from primary through university, for Economics, Mathematics, or Writing in the English language (including GP). I cover A-Level, International Baccalaureate (IB), O-Level, PSLE, SAT, AP, and pretty much everything else (just ask me)! Both online and in person.

H2 Mathematics Textbook: PDF.

Rates (no money-back guarantee):

Group size Rate per student
1 student S$110/hour (US$83)
2 students S$60/hour (US$45)
3 students S$45/hour (US$34)
4 students S$35/hour (US$26)

See also S$180/h (US$136) money-back guarantee option.

Other things to note:

A. ZERO hidden/miscellaneous/secret fees.

B. Pay per lesson. (No advance monthly payments required.) Cash, PayNow, PayLah, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, cheque (other payment options may work too—just ask me).

C. Quit any time. (E.g., the student can pay for and take one lesson, decide I’m not the right fit, and quit. But no refund for any lessons that have already taken place.)

D. Lesson length: Minimum 1h for each lesson done at my home (Clementi, Singapore) or online.

If at your home (or any other location), minimum 3h (this is to make my travelling time worthwhile).

E. All welcome; Singaporeans, non-Singaporeans, in-person, remote.

Email: DrChooYanMin@gmail.com.

Signal, Whatsapp. Or manually add +1-325-287-3350 (US number, be sure to add the “+1” in front; calls/SMS won’t work).