🤗 Small Group Tuition

Small group tuition at any level from primary through university, for Economics, Mathematics, or Writing in the English language (including GP). I cover all levels and papers, including Singapore A-Level H1, H2, International Baccalaureate (IB), O-Level, PSLE, and pretty much everything else (just ask me)!


Group size Rate per student
1 student $110/hour
2 students $60/hour
3 students $45/hour
4 students $35/hour

Location: From my home in Clementi (each session can be as long or as short as you like).

Alternative location: Any location of your choosing—however, in that case, minimum 3 hours per session (this is to make my travel time worthwhile).

To sign up, simply email me at: DrChooYanMin@gmail.com.


✏️ Homework help

Need help with homework? I can help with anything dealing with economics, mathematics, or writing in the English language, from the primary through university levels. And not just students either — I can also help professionals (writing, research, etc.).

Simply email me, telling me what you need help with. (If there are any instructions, please attach them, whether it’s in PDF format or just a photo taken with your phone.)

I’ll then reply, letting you know if I can help, the required fixed fee (based on a S$90/hour rate), and when you can expect to get back the completed assignment. If you’re OK with the fee, I’ll let you know how you should pay me.

Client confidentiality guaranteed.