🆓 Free Stuff

As with anything I do, I warmly welcome any feedback. (And please do tell me if you spot any errors, thanks!)

📚 Free Textbooks

Written by me. Completed or updating:

Working on it:

Future books:

  • Further Mathematics Textbook.
  • O-Level Mathematics Textbook.
  • O-Level Additional Mathematics Textbook.

New (2021-08-05):

Other small things that I wrote back in 2016:

📖 Free JC Exam Papers

Sorry hor. Unfortunately, I’ve been ordered by the gahmen to remove links to these free JC exam papers, probably because I was spoiling the very lucrative market for these papers. Hopefully you can still find free copies elsewhere. But if not, you can always buy them from just about anywhere (including from your teachers). But see Hint below.

💸 Free and Legal Online Resources

  • The National Library Board’s eResources is pretty good.

(Though unfortunately the NLB’s webpages can be slow and painful to use.)

Sign up for their myLibraryID and you have free access to a bunch of good stuff, most notably JSTOR. (Tip: You can then also create an account on JSTOR and keep logged in there, which will save you the pain of going through NLB’s pages.)

NLB > Libby has The Economist!

For books in the public domain:

Archive also has many books available for 14-day or 2-hour borrowing. These are legally viewable on Adobe Digital Editions only for said period, though there may or may not exist methods for keeping a PDF copy permanently (as usual, Google is your friend).

Archive’s Wayback Machine is also useful. A similar site is Archive.is.

🏴‍☠️ Totally Illegal Resources You Should Never Use

(But if you do choose to use these resources, you’ll find they’re really awesome. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Obviously, I’ve never actually used any of these resources in my life.)

  • Library Genesis for books.
  • Sci-Hub for academic articles.
  • Hint: Google “Holy Grail Mark”. (Note: I have nothing to do with this and I completely condemn whoever’s involved.)
  • Google “Newspaper paywall bypass” (Ditto)